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Dont step the white tile


!!! ONE OF JAPAN’S MOST POPULAR APPS, WITH OVER 500,000 DOWNLOADS !!!An addicting Japanese game that tests your reflexes against time and movement. Test your speed and accuracy with this simple and fun game!
StartTap the start button to begin and then tap on the black blocks to follow the 50 steps toward the goal. The quicker you tap, the faster the path moves!Tap on a white block and the game is over.
Time Attack ModeTest your speed to see how fast can you complete 50 steps to the goal?
Endurance ModeAt the start of this mode you have the option to display how many steps you’ve taken and if you want a countdown. Choose “Yes” to display your steps and to begin a countdown of 10 seconds. Choose “No” to walk on the path as long as you can without mistakes.
Sudden Stop ModeIn this mode you have a 10 seconds to step as many times as possible, but you have to stop before the 10 second mark.
One step over10 seconds and you lose--so tip-toe quickly, but carefully!
ScoreYour scores are recorded so you can always check your improvement.
AboutInstructions on how to play the game, as well as the developer’s best score are included.
Can you do better than the developer?